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Game: Pocket Monsters Crystal
Platform: Game Boy
Nintendo of Japan release date: 14 December 2000
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 30 June 2001
Players: 1

Attention all Pokémon trainers! Are you ready to dive into the newest companion to Pokémon versions Gold & Silver? Pokémon Crystal is here! The game shares the same challenges as previous editions, but with some big changes!

Here are some unique features in Pokémon Crystal:
**For the first time, a female trainer can be played. Each one has a distinctive Poké Pack and PokéGear. They each recieve different phone calls.
**An all-new Battle Tower, located near Olivine City, has been added for experienced players. You can take on Pokémon trainers, each with teams of specific level Pokémon--making it more of a challenge. You can also win valuable items here.
**Changes in Pokémon level-up abilities also vary from the previous editions, as well as the locations and frequencies that Pokémon appear.
**If you register another trainer's phone number, they might call and offer you a rare stone.
*Newest radio personality, Buena, offers you the chance to win great items by collecting points. You will have to drop by the radio tower (Goldenrod) nightly.
**Knowledge of Pokémon is put to the test in Blackthorn City. Gym Leader Claire sends you to Dragon's Den, where you answer questions about Pokémon to earn the Rising Badge.
**In the Tin Tower, you'll encounter the Wise Trio standing sentinel over a Suikun. After telling you of a mystical Clear Bell and the legend of the two towers, they will test your skills in a Pokémon battle. Only after defeating them will allow you the chance to capture the very rare Suikun. And meet Eusine, a Pokémon trainer with an unusual interest in Suikun.
**Other new characters include the Poké Seer, who can tell you where and when you obtained a Pokémon in the Crystal version, and how happy it is with you. And the Move Tutor, who can teach Pokémon unique and interesting new ablilities, but everything great comes with a price! The Move Tutor only appears after you have fought Satoshi at Mt. Silver.
**Lastly, deep within the Ruins of Alph lie secret rooms that have been unseen for ages. Will you be the trainer that finally unlocks the code and solves the great mysteries of the Unown?

Sharing features with versions Gold & Silver (GS):
**Exploring the all-new world of Johto.
**A real-time clock that tracks progress. Many events happen only on certain days of the week, or certain times of the day.
**Breed a male and female Pokémon at the daycare to obtain an Egg, which hatches into all-new pre-evolutionary forms of Pokémon.
**Two new types: Dark and Steel.
**Abilities for Pokémon to carry items that boost their abilities or have healing properties.
**The ability to trade effectively with other versions, such as Silver and Gold versions. Restrictions apply to the Green, Red, Blue and Yellow versions.
**All new Poké Gear includes radio tuner and cell phone! Your mom, and trainers will call you with tips. You can call them also.
**Swap Mystery Gifts with friends via the infrared ports.
**Print Pokédex with Game Boy Printer.
**Use of game with Transfer Pak is compatable with Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver/Pokémon Stadium 2. (Not with Pocket Monsters Stadium.)

The games "Pokémon Crystal" and "Pocket Monsters Crystal"


Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.